Church Security Checklist for the 2021-22 Summer Holiday Season

December 13, 2021 - 2 minutes read

Window grillesWhile church security is always important it often needs to be ramped up during closures when the risk of vandalism, graffiti and burglary can be higher than usual

So if you intend closing up for the holiday season you need to start making plans for tightened security measures. Read our top tips for this below.

Church security: indoors

  • remove cash and valuable items from the premises
  • lock away or remove equipment and computers
  • securely lock doors and windows
  • close internal fire doors and ensure fire and smoke alarms and sprinkler systems are working
  • keep track of your contents through a documented inventory in case of burglaries and insurance claims (see links below).
  • unplug non-essential electricity supplies.

Church security: outdoors

  • park vehicles where they are not accessible
  • lock away outdoor equipment in a secure shed or garage
  • make sure lighting and surveillance systems are operating properly
  • lock or secure wheelie bins
  • remove any combustible items that could be used by arsonists or that increase bushfire risk.

Security administration

  • lock post boxes and redirect mail if necessary
  • consider designating someone to periodically attend the premises (or to at least check on it)
  • back up your data to the cloud and/or an external device
  • update emergency and after-hours contacts
  • develop procedures for promptly reporting any suspicious activities to the police.

Get covered with insurance!

Insurance cover provides financial protection for property and liability in case things don’t according go to plan.

Faith Insurance was created to help churches, charities and other not-for-profits manage their risks and financially protect their assets through a range of comprehensive policies.

To find out more about our church insurance and church liability policies or for assistance with church risk management, contact our team by phone or send an email to

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Written by Tess Oliver

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