Report incidents to Faith Insurance on 13 000 FAITH, or get started with our forms.

What you should do if a claim arises

Property Claims:

  • Take photos of any damage
  • Report burglary, theft or malicious damage to the police
  • Get a copy of the police report
  • Complete a claim form and return it to us at 
  • Take steps to prevent further damage or loss occurring, such as removing water, replacing locks or broken windows
  • For other types of repairs, get at least two quotes


Liability Claims:

  • Notify Faith Insurance as soon as possible
  • Complete a liability claim form and return it to us at 


Personal Accident Claims:

  • Provide medical assistance to any injured persons
  • Notify Faith Insurance of the accident
  • Complete a personal accident claim form and return it to us at 


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Faith Insurance is dedicated to facilitating a simple and efficient claims process for our members. Please get in touch if you have any queries or issues to bring to our attention.