You may access our Policy Wordings, Endorsements and Policy Schedules through our online quotation system or if you are an existing client, please refer to your confirmation email following purchase.


Property insurance
  • Do you have a property claim?

    Our insurance provides cover for a broad range of loss scenarios. Please refer to the ISR Policy Schedule for policy sub limits and deductibles or contact us for assistance.

  • How do we make a property insurance claim?

    If you need to lodge a claim, it’s important to do so as soon as possible after the event and to take steps to minimise further loss from occurring. Claim forms can be downloaded from the Forms page of this website.

    If you are uncertain as to how to proceed, please contact us for help.

  • How do you set the sums insured?

    Your buildings: Faith Insurance provides property valuations free of cost. We contract professional valuers to determine the replacement value of your property and the sum insured is based on this calculation. Sums insured could be indexed each year to account for inflation.
    Contents: Individual organisations are responsible for determining the value of their contents and the sum insured will be based on this calculation. Always remember that the sum insured should be based on the cost of replacement of an item rather than its depreciated value.

  • Is property belonging to employees and other people insured?

    Yes, if it is on your organisation's property and is not insured under another type of policy, such as home contents insurance. Please refer to the ISR Policy Schedule for policy sub limits and deductibles.

Public liability insurance
  • Is the cover restricted to activities on the organisation's property only?

    No, our Public Liability insurance provides cover for personal injury and property damage away from your property.

    Please note that some activities deemed high-risk may require you to notify Faith Insurance or seek prior approval. Please contact us if you are unsure.

  • What do I do if I need to provide proof-of-cover to a third party?

    Some situations may require you to provide evidence of insurance, for example if you plan to use a local council property for an event. Please refer to your confirmation email from us (following your purchase) which includes your Certificate of Currency.

  • How do I make a public liability claim?

    Firstly, do not admit liability or offer to pay for any damage or loss without first speaking to your Faith Insurance representative. Claim forms can be accessed from the Forms page on this website..

  • How do I make a Professional Indemnity or Management Liability claim?

    If an incident occurs which may result in a claim, it is important to contact us immediately as these are “Claims Made” policies.

Personal Accident Insurance
  • Who is covered under personal accident insurance?

    Voluntary workers, young people, ministers, pastors and chaplains of the insured are covered.

  • What are we covered for under personal accident insurance?

    The coverage afforded by this policy shall only apply:
    (a) whilst an Insured Person is engaged in voluntary work authorised by and under the control of the insured
    (b) youth whilst participating in Youth activities, which form part of the youth program of a Church, including travel to and from such voluntary work or activities.

  • Are we covered for the gap between the doctor's fee and the medicare refund?

    No. Unfortunately, we are not permitted by the Federal Government to cover the gap between the Medicare refund and the doctor’s fee.

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